Wait 4 The Sorry EP

by Back Sash

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released March 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Back Sash Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Huskies
huskies might seem scary
if you're only used to corgis
i'll send him back to the shelter
if it means you won't ignore me

dime store scrawlings that you speak of
brain, lungs, eyes, the words i'm made of
a smiling guy in a bankruptcy ad
no love song could look so sad

so when men with ruby tongue studs
tell you they did it first, aw who cares
you can't trust jewels that blend in with your blood

nor can you use belts as bottle openers
believe me, i've tried

listerine is never worth buying a travel size
because i chug it at the terminal before the plane even flies

and you notice my beligerence
when i throw up on the baggage of a different airport
in a different timezone
of a different life time

but everything else is the same
Track Name: Glamorous Gurneys
glamorous gurneys
full of dead bodies
i keep asking
if you're ready

oh no

just a second to dangle fingers from the ceiling
and ask yourself just how you're feeling

once upon a time there were distinguished forms of crime
Track Name: Ridges 2
here came the ridges
they, the tender edges
i cup my hands
and i raise them as one

let it fall
let it fall
i let it fall

let it fall
let it fall
let it fall

i said let it fall
but it collapsed
Track Name: Egan
i begged to you today
that i would always strain
that i would die awake
remember every name

burning in my brain
is another sort of pain
but what god would complain
if he didn't want the rain?